Hybridize: a new perspective

Treating kidney diseases with RNA-based therapies


About us


“Do you want to join us on our journey to change the lives of millions of kidney patients?”


Kidney disease is a major problem. Worldwide 1:10 people are suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). A progressive clinical unmet need that results in kidney failure with a growing number of people needing to rely on dialysis to survive. It is therefore the 8th leading cause of death in Western society.


We are Hybridize Therapeutics. We are a growing Biotech start-up on the forefront of developing innovative RNA-based therapies for kidney patients. We are driven to make a difference and prevent people from ending up with the severe consequences of kidney failure. We believe RNA therapeutics are the perfect modality to treat kidney disease. Our deep expertise & network in the field of RNA therapeutics will help us be pioneers in this field. Will you join us on our mission?


We are looking for extraordinary people who:

  1. Are inspired by our mission: to prevent people ending up with kidney failure
  2. Love to be creative, but are also critical thinkers, real pioneers
  3. Want to work in a fast paced, start-up environment with a strong focus on R&D
  4. Are looking for a tight and close team, who also love an occasional drink or dinner




Position: Researcher (full-time)


Role description

We are looking for a highly motivated researcher who has always dreamed of working in a startup and loves the thrill that this exciting work environment brings. The researcher will be involved in planning, performing and assisting in in vitro experiments whereby tissue culture, PCR and Western blotting belong to the researcher’s skill set. Preferably, the researcher has practical experience with RNA biological techniques and/or has worked in an RNA therapeutic laboratory.

If this role sounds like a fit for you, then contact us and help us bring RNA therapeutic options to patients suffering from untreated kidney diseases.


Key responsibilities

  1. Perform experiments and analyze data
  2. Develop in house bio-assays
  3. Support our scientist(s) with design of experiments for our RNA-based therapeutic compounds
  4. Contribute to the development of a lab plan that is scalable and can grow with the company
  5. Execute experiments in a timely fashion
  6. Assist in execution of team-member experiments (where needed)
  7. Support in the realization of our in house lab capabilities
  8. Prepare generated data for presentation and communicate with internal team
  9. Contribute to the writing of data reports
  10. Contribute to the preparation of abstracts, presentations and manuscripts
  11. Contribute to the further development and maturation of Hybridize Therapeutics

Your experience / qualifications

  1. MSc degree with >2 years of academic/pharma work experience (or Ph.D in biology or biochemistry)
  2. Excellent lab skills (tissue culture, PCR, RNA isolation, protein assessments)
  3. Experience with RNA biology and/or RNA therapeutics
  4. Keen to learn new techniques
  5. Hands-on mentality, enjoys “getting things done”
  6. Accurate and well-organized
  7. Ability to work independent, with limited help from others
  8. Ambition to grow with the company
  9. Team player

If you would like to know more about Hybridize Therapeutics, this position and our offer, feel free to contact us via